Revolutionize Your Traditional Interior Design

What do you have in mind when traditional design comes up? People always think traditional as classic or old that cannot be matched in modern or contemporary style, specifically traditional interior design. In general, traditional is related to local culture and custom. Western civilization may be traditional if it is applied on original country. Technology changes many aspects of culture and society in order to make a better life for the future. Moreover, Eastern style is popular with traditional design of a building or housing. You can see how people in ancient time have a meaningful principle just to build one house. Nowadays, that kind of principle is translated into technical aspect.

Revolutionize Your Traditional Interior Design
The main factor in traditional design is nature material. Wood, bamboo, and stone become the major part of house, temple, palace, etc. Historical building such as palace and temple are the best source for mixing traditional in current condition. However, the high quality wooden is very expensive and you cannot spend budget only for one furnishing. To accomplish this thing, you can use standard furniture such as chair and table with wooden pattern. It might be metal or plastic, but it is okay as wooden accent covers the entire surface of the furniture. To keep the traditional atmosphere, put aside electronic devices at room, then replace them with more subtle ornament at the wall.

If you take an eastern touch, culture can be the main theme. Ceiling and floor should be matched each other. Use classic lamp as lighting and put it in one spot. In addition, the room should have more windows and easy access to outside. Nature becomes part of the room, so sunlight will pass through in the morning. It is difficult to apply the traditional design of the modern type room. You can only manage on furniture and decoration, but the space and condition are out of hand. Unless you build a house specifically for this kind of design, the only way is to work with what is available. As long as the design brings balance and good atmosphere, you can keep the traditional style. Visit to get more interior design ideas for your home.

The Major Factors in How to Be an Interior Designer

Nowadays, specialization is what people need to accomplish their job. If you want to redesign the room, an interior designer is the best man for that kind of job. You do not need general designer, but pick person with specialty. How to be an interior designer? This question is difficult to answer the right explanation. For some reasons, people might be unintentionally on this job. However, to be the professional, you need two things. Firstly, get degree and develop talent in this area.

Major Factors in How to Be an Interior Designer
To become a professional interior designer, you need education and a degree. Many schools and universities offer degree in this field or related area. Having a degree is one-step to be professional as you have decided to pursue in serious matters. Sometimes, you see people become designer without degree or having a completely different background in education. This condition is possible, but it takes time to be recognized as a designer. Unless you are an exceptional person with super talent, this kind of luck will not easily come. Moreover, learning at school has many advantages. It will connect you with a potential client in the future. At school, you learn from basic to advanced based syllabus and curriculum. It is very helpful for beginners.

In addition, you need the sense of designing. You can try to make room arrangement for a new house, then ask your friends about the result. They might love it. When they ask about color, you have keen eyes for composition and combination. The designer needs talent that comes from what lay inside personality. It is something that cannot be taught in formal education. There are two ways to understand one object. You have to do the same job every day and become familiar. In this matter, time plays an important role. The second way is the sharp learner. It is born gift as potential. If a person with capability wants to be an interior designer, he or she may take moment to formulate the best design for specific rooms.

Here’s His Mark If You Suffer From Panic Attacks

Promotion exams, all of a sudden you feel a shortness of breath, heart beating fast and you passed out. You have a panic attack!

Panic attacks involve the terror feeling of sudden attack without warning. These episodes can occur anytime, even while sleeping. People who experience a panic attack may believe that they are having a heart attack or will they die or crazy.

Fear and terror experienced during panic attacks are not comparable with the actual situation and is probably not related to what’s happening around them. Most people with panic attacks experience several of the following symptoms:

-rapid heart beat
-Feel weak, faint, or dizzy
-Tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers
-A sense of terror, or fear of impending death or
-Feel chills sweating or having
-Chest pain
-Difficulty breathing
-Lose control

Panic attacks are short, lasting less than 10 minutes, although some symptoms can last for a long time.

People who have one panic attack have the greater risk for experiencing panic attacks, compared to those who never experienced a panic attack before. trans tv streaming online

People with panic disorder may be very anxious and fearful as they cannot predict when the next episode will happen. Women are twice more likely to be a dibamding man to experience panic attacks, and symptoms usually begin to appear in early adulthood.

It is not clear what causes panic disorder. A lot of people who have biological vulnerability experienced panic attacks, a panic condition usually occurs on changes in life (such as getting married, having a child, starting the first job, and so on) and stress full lifestyle.

There is also some evidence to suggest, that the tendency of panic disorder can occur in families. People who suffer from panic disorder are also more likely to suffer from depression, attempted suicide, or abusing alcohol or drugs.

The good news, panic disorder is a condition that can be treated. Psychotherapy and drugs have been used, either singly or together, for to overcome panic disorder.

If medication is needed, the doctor may prescribe an anxious, certain antidepressants or anticonvulsants drugs sometimes certain heart medications or class, known as beta-blockers to help prevent or control episodes of panic disorder.

If left untreated, anxiety disorders it can make a person avoid certain places or situations, fearing if such attacks appear unexpectedly.

The more often do such action, also will limit movement, the worst possible is more frequently experienced anxiety disorders.

If you are experiencing an anxiety disorder, immediate consultation with a psychiatrist or psychologist experienced advice, Gail Saltz, m.d., a psychiatrist, a television commentator in New York City and health specialists and therapists, sex, relationships between human beings.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the best way to handle it, said Saltz. It’s good to avoid caffeine until you have been declared free of the disorder.

How to implement the “Positive Parenting” in children

Parenting by parents strongly influenced the growing flower child. One of workable parenting by parents is positive parenting or positive parenting.

Psychologists Maya Raviando reveals, positive parenting is parenting the fun for parents and children.

“Positive parenting that’s how parents could hear children’s voices. The pattern is equally enjoyable. The bottom line there is effective communication between parents and children, “the light of Maya on the sidelines of the event Nutrilon Royal” One Step Ahead “.

Positive parenting puts a sense of affection towards the children, not by violence. In this parenting, parents can be a friend told me about the child. That way, the child becomes unafraid expressed his desire to his parents and the issue.

Maya says, one of the benefits of applying positive parenting was able to develop the potential of children. For example, some children prefer music school, or a school Cook, then medicine. By knowing the potential of the child, the parent can give full support.

In this positive parenting, parents also need to give awards for the achievement of children. Not only the result of academic value but can also be of good behavior.

However, advanced Maya, positive parenting remains to apply discipline and teach children about the consequences of facing. Parents should know the stages of growing flower child and get to know the character of the child.

“In it, there is a parental role model. Parents are so exemplary. Keep applying disciplined and consistent. There is the cultivation of the values of logical consequence, “light of the Maya.

Advertising on Instagram like Snapchat

Access to video content on Instagram increased 40 percent in the period August 2000 to February 2016. These data indicate the potential of the massive video business.

No wonder Instagram develops video content to profit from advertising. Service Gatherer the photos were just presenting the advertising feature called “carousel.”

That feature allows advertisers to embed some video footage and photos in one ad, as reported Techcrunch and compiled

It is expected to help advertisers showed the diverse perspectives of a product offer. So, how to advertise any more flexible and not monotonous. trans 7 streaming online

Display advertising with the carousel more or less resembles the Snapchat Stories. Users can view the story as a whole, or scroll to the right to see other visual content in one ad.

A new way of advertising is also claimed to be able to reduce the saturation of society will be advertisements that play static.

Features of the carousel itself are still in early development. Some brand which first tried this ability is Airbnb, Macy’s, and Taco Bell.

Costume design new “Power Rangers” Circulating on the Internet

Power Rangers, special forces of the Earth Protector of children’s television series that was popular in the 1990s, got new costumes in his latest film.

Based on the appearance of photographs offered by US entertainment websites Entertainment Weekly (EW), the costumes used were too much different from known a few years ago.

Production Designer, Andrew Menzies movie Power Rangers, revealed that the new costume is inspired from the extraterrestrials or aliens.

“This is an alien costume body in their body, not made by humans,” said Menzies, as KompasTekno auto summary of EW, Saturday (7/5/2016).

The designers also make costumes from the movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation it states that this Power Rangers costumes are intentionally designed differently to attract the attention of the adult audience.

“You can’t win them all, but we are trying to attract a more mature audience and gain new fans,” he added.

This film will take place the time era of the 1990s as his first series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Also inspired two movies previously Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997).

Directed by Dean Israel, Power Rangers Movie would come back tells the story of five teenagers in a HIGH SCHOOL that uses their superpowers to save the world. In addition to the Pink Ranger, there is the Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and the Blue Ranger.

His new film is scheduled to present at the upcoming March 2017.

Power Rangers themselves the first time appearing on television screens in 1993 through the Mighty morphin’ Power Rangers.

How do you feel about the new Power Rangers costumes?

Never operated on Caesar, not recommended to give birth at home

Lately, some women choose to give birth at home. Doctors warn women that once operated on the Caesar should avoid it because they are at high risk of experiencing complications.

The findings were derived from an analysis of approximately 2.4 million births between 2007 and 2013. From that data, 4,500 delivery performed at home assisted by a midwife.

The study found, births at home for women with a history of caesarean section has to do with greater risk for neurological complications in infants or babies born died.

“It’s rare,” said research leader Dr. Amos Grunebaum, head of delivery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York. “But, when there are very dangerous. In the hospital can be done immediately to save the caesarean section of mother and baby. It is not possible to do at home, “he said.

Grunebaum presented his findings at the annual meeting of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in Washington DC. Research submitted to the meeting be considered still beginning to publish in the peer-reviewed journal.

The current ACOG advice stated that Labor Center and the hospital is the safest place to give birth.

However, women also have the right to make its decision of medical information received in which she will bear.

But, giving birth at home is still the exception to the rule that. Birth certificate data in us, published earlier in the year indicated the number of babies who are born outside of hospitals increased from one percent in 2004 to become 1.5 per cent in 2014.

Dr. Evan Myers, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, N.C. noted that a century of advances the science of obstetrics make birth the baby even more secure regardless of location.

“But women who previously operated on Caesar have scars on the uterus ruptured a risky childbirth,” explained Myers. “The risk is still small. But if there would be bad for the baby and the mother as well. ”

To explore these issues, the team investigate the certificate data Grunebaum collected by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

All babies who are born at 37 weeks of gestation or more had an average birth weight. At least 2.5 kg. They also screened Apgar at birth. This is a standard test that assessed from a scale of 1 to 10 to measure the capacity of a newborn baby’s breathing, heart rate, muscle strength, reflexes and skin color.

A baby with a score of 7 votes. The baby is not breathing or has no heartbeat was given a score of 10.

Researchers found that the risk score of 0 including rare, but higher when giving birth at home. Similarly, the risk of new-born babies will experience bouts of severe neurological complications or higher at birth at home.

Why? Lack of fetal monitoring at home is part of the problem, as well as an inability to perform caesarean section quickly when needed. global streaming online

“Every woman should decide where to give birth,” stated Grunebaum. “The thing I can say is we have to suggest there is an increased risk of women to birth at home and is therefore not recommended,” he said.

Marlene Goldman, Director of the clinical research division at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, N.H. He agreed that the risk to mothers and babies at birth at home outweighed its benefits.

For those who want to give birth at home, Goldman says they should have a backup plan that includes emergency transport to bring mom to the hospital. It may just be a backup plan was too late to save mothers and babies.

How to naturally treat receding gums

Receding gums can be caused by several things. Bad hygiene practices, hormonal imbalance, or brushing too aggressive can all cause damage to the gums that allow bacteria to grow.

Receding gums can cause teeth sensitivity, a huge gap between the teeth and gums, roots exposed, the smell of the mouth, or bleeding gums. If receding gums are not treated and cared for properly, damage to the gums can become so severe that the teeth will date.

Receding gums need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent additional damage, by visiting the dentist. You can also help the treatment with these three simple steps.

Drinking Green Tea
Due to the high amount of antioxidant, green tea has many benefits, including to treat receding gums.

The antioxidants in green tea have the power to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation associated with receding gums.

So, green tea not only effectively help treat receding gums, but also reduce the pain that accompanies the condition of receding gums.

Aloe Vera
Such as green tea, Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties as well the power to kill the bacteria causes gum disease.

If you have gum disease or damage in addition to receding gums, Aloe Vera can contribute to improving the health of your mouth.

There are several ways for the use of Aloe Vera to the gums. You can use toothpaste containing Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera gel. Greasing to the gum pain practices gargle with clean water.

Coconut oil
Add the coconut oil into Your oral care routine will be excellent for the health of your gums.

Just enter a bit of coconut oil into the mouth and then gargle as you do with mouthwash. This is to ensure that all your mouth gets a layer of coconut oil and its benefits.

The Millennial Generation Is Not Just Any Shopping Handbag

The big bag trend (oversized bags) and hand luggage (handbag) continues to dominate sales of bestsellers in the fashion industry.

However, for the millennial generation, buying a bag, not the origin of Nice and pricey. The reason, according to a study from the NPD Group, the millennial generation very seriously when choosing a handbag, even more, serious than a lover of an automotive car when buying a new series.

The study reports that the millennial generation has the strategy and stages in selecting a new handbag. As much as 41 percent admit to, they think of the latest exodus handbag for a month, before actually buying it.

The NPD Group, in cooperation with Stylitics, the fashion, and creative technology companies, to study consumer behavior mode, especially the line of handbags.

Researchers surveyed the contents of cabinets and the millennial generation’s way of thinking toward a popular trend handbag in one season.

They want to know what the needs, aspirations, inspiration, and encouragement of the millennial generation in buying a bag.

As a result, women aged 18 and over in the United States, are willing to money amounted to 11.5 billion u.s. Dollars or equivalent to Rp 1.6 trillion for shopping bags in one year during 2014.

Handbag sales rise five percent in 2014, with the majority of consumers comes from the generation of Baby Boomers. Meanwhile, sales of handbags only uphill two percent with a market share of millennial generation.

“The Millennial Generation have shopping handbag style very different from its predecessor generation,” explained Rohan Deuskar, CEO, and Co-founder of Stylistics.

Prices and labels, said Deuskar, not always into consideration the millennial generation.

“They (millennial generation) are willing to take the time to look for a handbag that is unique, quality materials, and how the bags were produced,” he said.

The invention, called Deuskar, has opened the eyes of the distributor and retailer of bags in planning the marketing strategy for its latest collection. indosiar streaming online

Then, what exactly is a sought after fashion lovers of the millennial generation in the latest handbag?

Study finds they prefer a handbag with a focus on quality and difrensiasi style of architecture.

The price of high, reputation and popularity, the label, based on the report of the study, is not at all encouraging the Millennium generation shopping desire.

Solutions so that the “High Heels” Shoes are not Torturing a woman’s legs

Using high heeled shoes or high heels shoes do make you look more beautiful. However, if the shoes high heels worn for too long, it could end up painful.

Because, after using high heeled shoes, most women complain because his foot blisters.

Later, when the woman feels her leg pain or blisters, evidently they prefer to remove and replace them with slippers. If shoes high heels continue to incur, the foot will end cuts or abrasions are worse.

Many ways that women do to dampen the pain of using high-heeled shoes, for example, by using plaster to cover a wound or applying moisturizing relief pain.

However, these things did not resolve the issue of when women wore high-heeled shoes.

For those of you who like wearing high-heeled shoes, there is a solution that you can do in order not to be tormented when wearing high-heeled shoes.

If your shoes are too narrow, fill water into a plastic bag for up to half, then put inside the shoes.

Then, place the shoes into the freezer overnight. The next day, your shoes will feel not too cramped.

Also, it is recommended You buy shoes at night.

For if You buy shoes after a long day of shopping, your feet will swell a bit and it is “nice” to test the comfort of the shoes that you will buy.